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This blog is an engineering log book; for me to record the progress on my many projects and hopefully to inspire you.

Some projects do not get off the ground, they remain as interesting thoughts, a select few get some work done on them, even fewer get close to completion, and none get completed because unfortunately I subscribe to the theory: "If something ain't broke then it doesn't have enough features". If you'd like to collaborate on some work to get something to a useable state then send me some communications.

Being a blog, posts are listed in chronological order. However I usually have multiple projects on the go and will try to post some of my earlier work. With this in mind I'll try to add labels to each post so all posts relevant to one project can be easily extracted.

Enjoy and happy hacking.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Servo has a PIC, Can we connect to it?

I've identified the servo chip as a 12-series PIC microcontroller. The next question is can I connect an in-circuit programmer to it? I've borrowed a MPLAB ICD2 USB programmer from the resident PIC guru in my department. Cheers Phil. I wired it up as shown below and fired up LPLAB (MPLAB for linux).

Success! I can read the configuration fuses on the device. As suspected the code protection bits are set. The next thing to do is to try and write a progam to the device. I'm not sure if it is possible as some PICs are made with one-time programmable memory (not flash).

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